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How it works

We link you to the right entrepreneurship coach and field expert who will guide as you work on your project and transform your idea into a market-ready offer.

3 Phase Program

We have developed a 3-step process based on our experience working with entrepreneurs in Cameroon. The method includes an intensive coaching, a practical implementation, and a thorough evaluation phase. 


In six sessions, our coaches are testing together with the entrepreneur the potential of the business idea. In two or more sessions with a field expert, the ideas are fine-tuned for implementation. 


During a two to three months prototyping phase, the idea is tested. The implementation is accompanied by a local agent. Based on certain selection criteria, the provision of funds to implement the business is initiated. 


After the implementation, we measure together with the entrepreneur and the local agent whether the set milestones have been attained. Depending on the results the future of the project will be planned.  

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