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Our goal is empower Cameroonian graduates to create their own jobs.

Oben Desmond, Limbe

Mobile Ultrasound service

 Turacos start-up program for young Cameroonians with innovative business ideas is awesome. I can now conduct a research interview, confidently pitch a business idea to potential investors. 

Fuanyi Awatbot, Buea

Refrigerator spaces

“ (…) thanks to the sessions, I could learn how businesses run. At the end of the program, I had a clear picture about my business, and I could even forecast its future (...).  

Averra Tadbet, Buea

Career mentoring

 Excellent business coaching program and it is very rich as I have benefited from superior knowledge in all sessions. 

Nathalie Ngwemetah, Dschang

Poultry Production

 Turacos startup program equipped me with tools and knowledge which I did not have before. (...) 

Princely Komtong, Bamenda

Travel App, Bamenda

 The business coaching sessions are excellent, insightful and very interactive. The learning materials are top-notch. Happy to be a part of this. Kudos Turacos. 

Kingsly Mbaaka, Germany

Travel App

 Initially I was sceptical about the sessions. But after attending a few, I feel like more meetings be added. 

Edwina Acha, Bamenda

Wine Production

Aristige Komtong, Ghana

Travel App

 The session has changed the way I see my project as something I cannot achieve. But after the session, I was inspired to start working on it again (...).  

Thelma Nfor, Bamenda

Self-printing centre

 The startup program surpassed all my expectations. I will recommend anyone wishing to start a business to go through the training. 

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