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For Entrepreneurs

Do you already run a business or do you want to launch your own start-up? Our entrepreneurship coaches and field experts in Switzerland, Cameroon and abroad will guide you from inception to product launch.

Entrepreneur Stories

Our Offer to Entrepreneurs


  • based in Cameroon

  • want to gain business skills

  • willing and able to commit the time for the course 

  • open minded and interested in learning


  • Must have access to a computer (for those who select the online model)

  • be present and be on time in every session

  • actively participate in each session (e.g. share thoughts, ask and answer questions)

  • ensure that your environment is quiet and comfortable

  • perform assignments and submit expected deliverables


  • Gain business skills to expand your business or launch your own business

  • Learn from experts in Switzerland, Cameroon and abroad

  • Expand your network beyond Cameroon

  • Learn how to pitch

  • Get a certificate by a Swiss-based organisation

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